These classes will help you strengthen the connection between your mind and body.

Chair Yoga

Come learn how to use a simple chair to improve flexibility, strength, release tension and calm the mind. Apply what you learn to your home or work environment. Applicable to everyone but especially for those recovering from an injury, surgery or mobility issues. *Participants are encouraged to bring a blanket and yoga mat.

Happy Hips Yoga

Hips are magnificent joints, designed to move in 6 different ways. However, due to stress and lifestyle they are often a source of pain and stiffness. This class will use movements designed to open the hips in order to bring balance and flexibility to this important area of the body. Come and feel the joy of happy hips.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Encourage your body to slow down while navigating poses that challenge your strength and flexibility in addition to focusing on relaxation, mindfulness and breath. Please bring mat.

Introduction to Seed Meditation®

IntroTo Seed Meditation.The SEED Meditation™ method is a contemporary style that is as simple as its acronym; Simple, Easy, and for Every Day. This practice is for anyone wanting to improve their health, create more awareness, inner peace, and vitality.

Realignment Yoga 75 Min

Realignment Yoga 75 Min

This realignment class will address and correct misalignments in your shoulders, hips, knees or ankles. Each week will work towards restoring your body to full mobility. *Please bring a mat, strap and blanket.