SwimAbilities® Programs

SwimAbilities® is a learn to swim program for children aged 3-16 years with special needs. Instructors assist children and their caregivers to increase safety, independence, and enjoyment in and around the water. Participants do not need a formal diagnosis to participate in the class. SwimAbilities® provides lessons with a caregiver in the water to provide one-on-one focus while under the direction of a certified instructor. Children will be continuously evaluated by the instructor for all 4 levels of SwimAbilities®. Harbour Pool now offers designated times for SwimAbilities® classes when no other learn-to-swim programs are occurring in the pool, to offer a comfortable sensory experience for participants. *Registration is over the phone or in person only. Call 780-992-6162*

Lifesaving Society SwimAbilities 16 & Under

Lifesaving Society SwimAbilities 8 & Under