Drop in Fitness

Add value to your exisiting membership and give one of our drop in fitness classes a try. There is something for everyone!


Challenge yourself with 15 min of cardio, 15 min of strength and 15 min of core for a complete workout.

Arms and Abs

Blast your arms and abs in one workout that focuses on strengthening the upper body.


This class will tone, sculpt, and strengthen your entire body, fast! This class challenges all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl.

Buns and Bellies

Strong glutes and core play a major role in controlling the pelvis, hips and legs and have a huge impact on injury prevention, overall strength and activities of daily living. This class with teach you to isolate and engage these important stabilizers.


Continually challenge and transform your body as you chisel your way through this motivating full body strength and conditioning class.


Cycle through different exercises and stations aimed to target and challenge various aspects of your anatomy and physiology.

Drop in Lower Body Burn

You guessed it ... glutes, hamstrings, quads and of course calves will all get incorporated in this lower body burn. Watch out for the sneaky core work in there too!

Drop in Pure Stength

Strength, strength and more strength! Build a strong body with this class that solely focuses on strength building. YES that means NO CARDIO... the only cardio we'll be doing is lifting the weights faster!

HIIT It Hard

Add some variety to your regime with High Intensity Interval Training. Gauaranteed to make you sewat this workout focuses on bursts of intense work interspersed with short recovery aimed to improve your overall fitness.

Silver Strong

This total body workout for the active aging focuses on improving strength, balance, stability and flexibility. Research has shown that exercise can slow the physiological aging clock with many health benefits.

Sit Fit For Health

Good news! You don't have to run a marathon to get into shape. This class consists of functional strength and stretch movements that are seated or chair assisted making them accessible and fun. The class will brighten your spirits, clear your mind, boost circulation and reaction time as you stretch and strengthen your body. It's time to MOVE, just for the HEALTH of it!


Be strong...spin strong...train hard!

Stretch It Out

Offset the normal decline in the flexability of your joints and improve circulation, posture with this full body stretch class.

Drop in Tabata Express

30 minutes is all the time you’ll need to raise your heart rate, work your full body, boost your metabolism, and push your limits. 20 seconds of work, with a quick 10 second recovery will be what gets you through this express class.

Drop in Upper Body Burn

Skipping leg day? We got you covered! Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Chest and that sneaky core are our focus in this Upper Body strength class.


This workout is sure to raise your heart rate, work your full body, boost your metabolism, and push your limits. 20 seconds of work, with a quick 10 second recovery will leave no time to think about all the FUN you’re having!


Balance your training with this practice intended to bring awareness and bliss to both mind and body.

Fit Mix

Mix it up with a new format and instructor each week that always keeps your body guessing.

One and Done Orientation

One and Done introduces youth aged 12-14 to the fitness centre rules, regulations and equipment and allows them to access without adult supervision after completion. * To regsiter, a waiver with parent consent must be signed prior to or at the time of the orientation. One and Done wristband must be worn by youth accessing the facililty without supervision each and everytime they use the fitness centre until they are 15 or older. This will be provided by staff once the orientation is complete